how to become a power bi consultant

How To Become a Power BI Consultant?

Who Is a Power BI Consultant? A Power BI consultant usually has in-depth expertise in the Power BI system. They encourage companies by improving organizational procedures and information strategy. Hence,

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Power BI for Small Business Reporting

What parts of business intelligence are critical for a small firm? According to a Capterra report, the three most important business intelligence tools required by small businesses are dashboards, key

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How Power BI is different from Excel?

Tools that enable speedy, intuitive data analysis and database transformation into intelligible information are essential in today’s corporate environment. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the value of data analysis

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SQL DENSE RANK( ) Function

The DENSE RANK () Function is another ranking function that is used to rank the set of rows. This DENSE RANK () function assigns a unique rank to each row

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Who is Power BI Developer?

Who or what is a Power BI developer? A specialist who has a thorough understanding of the Power BI platform and its capabilities is a Power BI developer. A Power

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SQL RANK ( ) Function

The RANK() function assigns a unique rank for each row in the result set. If two records have the same value then it will assign the same rank by skipping

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Like the Aggregate function, the WINDOW Function also aggregates the values in the particular window (or, set of rows ) and it returns the aggregated values for each row. These

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The CROSS JOIN which is also known as Cartesian Join is used to return the set of records by the Cartesian product of the joined tables. Syntax of CROSS JOIN

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SQL LAST_VALUE( ) Function

The LAST_VALUE () Function in SQL is a Value Window Function that is used to fetch the last value within the ordered partition of the set or the entire table

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Data Relationships in Power BI

Most Power BI data models involve data from many tables that must be connected via relationships. To slice and dice graphics utilizing data from different tables, well-prepared and well-thought-out tables

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The FIRST_VALUE () Function in SQL is a Value Window Function that is used to fetch the first value within the ordered partition of the set or the entire table

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SQL LAG( ) Function

The LAG () Function is a Value Window Function used to fetch the previous row data along with the current row data of the specified offset, in other words, it

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SQL Value Window Function

This Window function operates on a set of rows for the query provided. It returns the value for each row using multiple rows or only one row. The set of

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