SEO Dashboards that make data analysis and decision-making 5X easier and faster, even if you are not an expert at SEO analysis.

Being in the SEO industry is a challenging job. Algorithms and KPIs and numbers always surround it.Data that is boring, complex, and always changing. One mistake in the data can make big blunders. In such times, all SEO professionals think, what if some tool would make this data analysis and track a bit less boring, tiresome, and soul-sucking? Guess what? There is now. Let’s Viz SEO dashboards.
In the case of SEO, we see a lot of metrics like CTR, Average position, clicks, and conversions, and all these things need a good dashboard to understand the impact of SEO work. SEO professionals are good with metrics. They need a good SEO dashboard to show their data in an appropriate reporting format.

What major problems do Let’s Viz SEO Dashboards solve?

Too much data

With so much data available, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming to sift through it all and identify the most critical metrics. But with Let’s Viz SEO dashboards, it is easy as cutting a cake with a sword. As we see in Google Analytics 4 and the search console is full of data, especially when we have to make some critical decisions based on SEO data, our customized SEO dashboard gives reports based on webmaster requirements.

Data distribution

Data is often stored in multiple platforms and tools ( like Google Analytics4, Google search console, Semrush & Ahref, and many others ), making it difficult to view website performance comprehensively. Our SEO dashboards bring all the data together on a single screen.

Lack of technical expertise

Only some people have the technical expertise to understand and analyze website data, like your clients; the juniors are still learning, or those who have just started their business need to become more familiar with critical metrics of SEO and its performance criteria. It can lead to incorrect interpretations. Our SEO dashboards make it super, super simple so that everyone can understand things with just basic knowledge of SEO. Now you can clearly understand your clicks, impressions, keyword search volume, conversion trend change, and traffic source.

Data overload

With so many metrics to track, it can be difficult to identify which ones are most important and relevant to the business goals. Our experts know the important metrics and KPIs that need to be highlighted the most.

Limited data visualisation

Traditional data analysis tools may not provide visual representations of data, making it difficult to quickly identify trends and patterns. Our dashboards make it super simple as the data is presented in visual charts and graphs.

Inability to track competitors

Understanding the competition and tracking their SEO efforts can be difficult, as it requires monitoring multiple data sources and tools. With our experts, even this becomes a lot easier and faster.

Why SEO experts should choose us

SEO data visualization experts

Out of all the things, what makes us the best is our SEO experts. For SEO industry, we have specialized experts who have trained and practiced for years in the SEO industry and know how the visualization of SEO metrics and KPIs differ from others.

SEO-Centric Dashboards

Just like there is no one-man army at Let’s Viz, there is no one template for all. You get the most detailed and SEO-centric designed dashboards which cover all aspects and important KPIs of SEO.

Data security

Ensure that all data is securely stored and protected, using the latest encryption and security protocols, to provide peace of mind to users.

Customer support

You get dedicated account managers, 24/7 support, and onboarding assistance to ensure users have the help they need to get the most out of the visualised SEO dashboards.

Data Privacy

We take your data very seriously and securely integrate your data with the appropriate sources in the organization. We maximize on protection yet work in safe sharing of data for further analytics and other services.

Customised alerts and notifications

Allow users to set up customized alerts and notifications that inform them of any changes in their website performance or other important metrics.

Here is a sample of how presentable, engaging, and easy- to analyze the SEO dashboards of Let’s Viz are.

Drill - down into this Customise Marketing SEO Dashboard

Key Performance Indicator Trends and Insights

Search Volume

The number of searches for specific keywords over a period, indicating potential traffic and interest levels.

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ROI by Users

Return on investment calculated per user, measuring the financial effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Email Performance Dashboard Examples


Number of times users click on your site from search results, indicating interest and engagement.

Combined Market Performance Dashboard

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Percentage of clicks relative to impressions, gauging how effectively your search listings attract clicks.

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Total number of user sessions on your site, providing insights into overall traffic.

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Conversion Rate

Percentage of visits leading to conversions, indicating the success of your site in achieving desired actions.

Email Marketin Dashboard Example


The number of unique visitors to your site, reflecting audience size and reach

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Bounce Rate

Percentage of single-page sessions, showing how effectively your site retains visitors and encourages further exploration.

For Better and Live SEO Dashboard Example Experience , Please use Desktop or Tablets

Our Tailormade Dashboards - Helping SEO Team analyze organic results faster

Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about SEO dashboard, it is a tool that can help you to visualize the performance of the website for the search engines using different metrics like graphs, charts, etc.

To install the SEO dashboard, you have to follow a simple procedure:

  • Have a free consultation 
  • Then Sign your NDA
  • Get connected with our team 
  • Now, our team will work to create your SEO dashboard.

The SEO dashboard gets directly connected to the analytics of the website and then displays all the KPIs like traffic, SEO strategy, conversions, rankings, and much more.

You need an SEO reporting dashboard for monitoring and improving the visibility, authority, and relevance of the website on search engines to attract a higher number of visitors.

SEO dashboards are crucial for future business, as they can measure stats and your ROI, identify challenges and opportunities, and help with the optimization of your presence.

Yes, you have all the options available in SEO dashboard to customize the information. Whether you want to customize the widgets, layouts, or filters or you want to customize the whole theme of the dashboard, you can do that on Let’s Viz.

Helping thousands of data-driven companies to achieve their target Goals

Experience superior data analysis with our custom dashboards. Specializing in all tools and technologies, we turn data into visually compelling, actionable insights

Helping thousands of data-driven companies to achieve their target Goals

Experience superior data analysis with our custom dashboards. Specializing in all tools and technologies, we turn data into visually compelling, actionable insights

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Established in 2020, Lets Viz Technologies provides a full range of high-quality data analysis and data visualization services. We are also an authorized Zoho Partner.



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