How To Become a Power BI Consultant?

how to become a power bi consultant

Who Is a Power BI Consultant?

A Power BI consultant usually has in-depth expertise in the Power BI system. They encourage companies by improving organizational procedures and information strategy. Hence, they analyze the existing systems and data to help with the establishment of such an effective BI roadmap.

A Business Intelligence consultant’s main objective is to help businesses simplify decision-making, improve efficiency, as well as improve performance by establishing a data-driven approach that is compatible with business goals.

Responsibilities Of Power BI Consultant

A Power BI consultant is supposed to help organizations in improving their decisions by giving data-driven additional insight. They work with potential consumers to comprehend their business goals and requirements, and then collect information to address individual patterns and trends which can be utilized to make informed decisions. They also create and implement BI consultant solutions that assist organizations in monitoring as well as increasing productivity.

Responsibilities Of Power BI Consultant

Some of the primary responsibilities of a Power BI Consultant are listed below.

  • The BI solution must always be maintained by business intelligent consultants. They make sure the system has always been up to date with the most recent data, remediate any problems, as well as train new users.
  • The BI solution is implemented by a BI consultant. Working with the IT department to install as well as configure the BI software, load data into the system, but also train users on how to utilize it is all part of the job.
  • A business intelligence consultant handles but also develops an organization’s BI strategy. Working with senior executives to determine company objectives and targets, then creating and carrying out a BI solution to meet these priorities.
  • Similarly, a BI consultant must guarantee the confidentiality of the BI solution. This provides assurance that just selected as well as authorized users have the ability to utilize the system and also that information is securely transmitted once kept.

Power BI Consultant Skills

To work as a BI consultant in a power BI consulting services organization, you must possess a vision of data as a valuable asset that the business can utilize. You must be able to comprehend, manage, as well as preserve it. There are some of the primary skills that are required in power BI consulting services.

Data Warehousing

A business intelligence consultant must be able to create a data warehouse and a data mart. They should be able to comprehend an extensive variety of database functions, models, as well as processes. They collaborate with database administrators as well as analysts to give the team data visibility. They must be able to manage as well as upgrade current data warehouse systems.

Hands-on Experience Of Business Intelligence Tools And Software

Business intelligence consultants should be knowledgeable regarding BI tools. Using tools like Power BI, SAP BI, Qlikview and Tableau, and others, they must be capable of designing interactive dashboards with drill-down functionality. To interpret data more efficiently, they need to have expertise in all data analysis and business intelligence concepts.


Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Service (SSAS), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), as well as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Any BI consultant should be closely associated with OLAP procedures and applications such as SSAS. They would have to have significant experience with the SQL server stack.

These were the skills you must have to work as a power BI consultant.

Power BI Consultant Jobs

There are various types of BI consultant jobs, each with its own set of responsibilities and requirements. So according to LinkedIn, there seem to be more than 3,000 BI consultancy job openings in India. According to REED, there are currently over 340 jobs available for Power BI Consultants in the UK.

Apart from this, ZipRecruiter has more than 67000 Power BI consulting services positions throughout the United States. According to LinkedIn, there are over 290 jobs available in Singapore. Over 7,000 Power BI employment opportunities exist in Australia. According to LinkedIn, there seem to be 220 jobs available throughout Canada.

Power BI Consultant Salary

Power BI Consultant Salary

A business intelligence consultant’s average salary can vary greatly according to various factors. Some of these are as follows:
Location: Salaries are generally much higher in larger cities and urban areas.

Experience: Business intelligence consultant salaries, comparable to those for many other fields, rise with expertise. An entry-level consultant might very well earn just a senior consultant among many years of work experience.

Education: Several companies and organizations could prefer hiring business intelligence consultants with professional qualifications or certifications in business intelligence or just a relevant subject.

Power BI Consultants earn competitive salaries around the world. According to PayScale, such experts earn an average of roughly 623,000 per year in India. According to Glassdoor, the annual average salary for Americans is $89,125, CA$72,337 in Canada, as well as £39,141 in the United Kingdom. According to Jora, the average annual salary in Australia ranges from AU$ 100,000 to AU$ 140,000.

How To Become a Power BI Consultant?

The best way to become a Power BI consultant might very well depend on your technical skills as well as experience. Studying business intelligence as well as data analytics concepts, pursuing a degree or certification in business intelligence or data analytics, but also gaining experience working with business intelligence technologies and tools are just some suggestions on how to become a Business Intelligence consultant.

Education: A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems, business administration, or perhaps a related field is necessary for a BI consultant. Also, they should additionally possess significant experience with BI tools as well as technologies.

How To Become a Power BI Consultant

Experience: A business intelligence consultant is expected to have at least five years of work experience working with business intelligence technology and tools. They also need to have relevant professional experience in a consulting role, supporting clients with the implementation and utilization of BI tools and technologies.

Ability To Think Critically: A business intelligence consultant should really be able to think critically about such a client’s business requirements and goals, but then recommend BI solutions that enable the client to succeed in their goals.

If you have experience in other related jobs, you can also become a consultant. Undoubtedly, many BI consultant jobs require experience in roles like SAP Business Warehouse Consultant, Power BI Developer, and many more.