Which One Is Better for Your Business? Zoho Analytics vs Qlik

zoho analytics vs qlik

Trying to choose between Zoho Analytics and Qlik? No worries in this Zoho Analytics vs Qlik blog we are going to analyze both tools based on platform capabilities to pricing to find out how Zoho Analytics can help you go beyond what Qlik can do and make your business successful.

is Zoho's Feature and Cost an Alternative to Qlik?

Zoho Analytics is a new tool that is evolving in the Bi Market. With Zoho Analytics, you can choose between an easy-to-use, utterly cloud-based model or an on-premise model without having to buy extra features.

We are trying to compare Zoho Analytics vs Qilk from their Analytics use cases. All the information mentioned here was collected from the official pages of Zoho and Qlik.

Data Import from Different Sources

Integration with third-party business apps Enterprise Edition Yes
Integration with Zoho apps No Yes
Data Preparation No Yes, Zoho AI-Driven and offers self-service
Data Size (Unlimited) Yes, Enterprise edition only Yes
For Data Preparation to model, cleanse, prepare and organize data Zoho comes out with Zoho data prep. Imported Data on the import window provided with an option to Prepare with data prep.

Creation of Report

Zoho gives users the option to generate reports automatically after importing the data in the Zoho workspace.

Report Generate
Auto Generate Report No Yes
Auto Data Blending No Yes
Auto Data Sync Enterprise Edition Yes
AI-Powered automated contextual insights No Yes
Interactive Drill Down  Enterprise Edition Yes 

Even though Qlik has limitations with Creating Reports Qlik and Zoho Analytics both allow the creation of Integrated presentation builder that combine various visualizations in order to make powerful stories with data.

Share Visualizations

Publish your reports and dashboards No Yes
 Embed No Yes
API Support Enterprise Edition Yes

Zoho Analytics offers an easy embed of visualization and also allows users to share by creating a private link where we can have a different level of security options. This link can also be customized through filter criteria.

Others Feature

Historical snapshotting No Yes
Embedded BI/White-Labeling No   Yes
Smart Alerts Enterprise Edition Yes
App size (Unlimited) Yes, Enterprise Edition Only Yes


pricing model Zoho analytics starts from $30 for 2 users/month (Monthly and annual billing). whereas the Qlik plan Starts from $30 for 1 user per month (Annual billing only). and also Zoho have an option for white labeling (in extra cost) but Qlik don’t have option of white labelling.

One thing to keep in mind most of the feature that support by Qlik are mostly available in Enterprise edition only. check detailed pricing from the official sites of Zoho and Qlik.

Zoho in Comparison with other BI tools has its own strengths and weaknesses and Zoho comes out with great features in self-service BI. To explore how Zoho can be better than other tools sign up with your free Zoho Analytics account today by following this link.

Zoho has a lot more to offer than only Analytics. Signup with Zoho One to have a free access of all service today.

As you can see, business intelligence has a lot to offer businesses of all sizes across all industries. If you’re not already using BI in your decision-making process, now is the time to start! 

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