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Hire Top Talent in Tableau, Power BI, Zoho & Looker for your Projects

Strengthen your data analysis capabilities quickly and efficiently by outsourcing to Lets Viz Technologies. We provide access to a pool of highly-skilled data analysts in India, specializing in popular data visualization tools like Tableau, Power BI, Zoho and Looker Studio, along with core data manipulation expertise in Azure, SQL, & Bigquery

Are you struggling to manage your Project data and waste lot of time to find data insights ?

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Limited In House Talent

Facing difficulty in finding qualified expert data analysts within a company. We  provides access to specialized data analysis skills, ensuring effective and efficient handling of complex data projects and tasks with our Data analsyis Experts.

Top IT Outsouring Data analysis ans Visualisation

Project Delays or not starting

Limited internal bandwidth leads to project delays or failure to start, resulting in lost opportunities. We offers scalable solutions to ensure timely project completion and resource optimization, enhancing efficiency and success rates.

Data Analysis and Visualisation IT Outsourcing services

High recruitment costs

High recruitment costs, including advertising, interviewing, and onboarding a full-time data analyst, can strain resources. IT outsourcing provides a cost-effective alternative, offering immediate access to expert analysts without the expenses of traditional hiring processes.

Proffesional IT Outsourcing Data analysis and visualisation

Long Hiring Cycle

A long hiring cycle for full-time positions can take months, delaying project timelines and hindering business growth. IT outsourcing accelerates access to skilled professionals, ensuring timely project execution and sustained growth.

Expertise in Data analysis and visualisation with affordable Cost.

Technology Gaps

Technology gaps in existing teams can hinder data needs, requiring additional training. IT outsourcing bridges these gaps by providing specialized skills and expertise immediately.

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Little or No Knowledge Transfer :

When an employee leaves, valuable knowledge and expertise are often lost, causing disruptions. IT outsourcing ensures continuity by providing consistent access to skilled professionals, minimizing the impact of staff turnover on your projects.

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Unreliable resource quality

Finding qualified and reliable data analysis resources on short notice can be challenging. IT outsourcing offers immediate access to vetted experts, ensuring high-quality and dependable support for your data analysis needs without delays.

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High Project Cost

High project costs arise from hiring full-time resources for smaller, dedicated project needs. IT outsourcing offers a cost-effective solution by providing specialized talent on a project basis, reducing overall expenses and optimizing budget allocation.

Technologies Offered (Data Analysis and Visualsation)​ and their benefits?

Best Tableau Dashboard IT Outsourcing


Tableau transforms data into visually engaging, interactive dashboards and reports. Clients benefit from its easy-to-use interface, powerful analytics, and ability to handle large datasets, enabling data-driven decisions quickly and effectively. Ideal for complex, dynamic visualizations.

Best Zoho Analytics Dashboard IT Outsourcing

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a cloud-based platform offering comprehensive data visualization and business intelligence. Clients gain from its ease of use, AI-powered insights, and extensive integration with various data sources, facilitating informed decision-making with minimal effort.

Best Google Sheet IT Outsourcing

Google Sheets

Google Sheets offers powerful data analysis and visualization features within a familiar spreadsheet interface. Clients benefit from its real-time collaboration, extensive formula capabilities, and seamless integration with other Google Workspace tools, ideal for quick and accessible data insights.

Best Power BI Dashboard IT Outsourcing

Power BI

Power BI offers seamless integration with Microsoft products, providing powerful data modeling and visualization capabilities. Clients enjoy its intuitive interface, real-time data updates, and robust sharing options, making it perfect for collaborative and insightful business analytics.

Best Google Data Studio Dashboard IT Outsourcing

Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) by Google is a versatile tool for creating customizable, interactive dashboards. Clients appreciate its deep integration with Google services, real-time data exploration, and the ability to create shareable, visually appealing reports.

Technologies Offered (Data Engineering)​ and their benefits?

Best Data Engineering Services in USA


SQL and MS SQL Server offer powerful, reliable database management and querying capabilities. Clients benefit from robust data integrity, advanced security features, and efficient data processing, enabling accurate and efficient management of large datasets for informed business decisions.

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PostgreSQL is an open-source relational database known for its advanced features and reliability. Clients benefit from its extensibility, strong data integrity, and support for complex queries, making it ideal for handling diverse data workloads with high performance.

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Amazon Redshift is a cloud-based data warehouse that offers fast, scalable analytics. Clients appreciate its high query performance, ease of setup, and ability to handle massive datasets, making it perfect for business intelligence and data-driven decision-making.

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Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse solution that provides scalable storage and compute power. Clients enjoy its easy scalability, fast query performance, and seamless data sharing capabilities, allowing for efficient data management and analytics across the organization.

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BigQuery is Google Cloud's fully-managed, serverless data warehouse. Clients gain from its lightning-fast query performance, real-time analytics, and scalability. Its seamless integration with other Google Cloud services enables efficient and cost-effective big data analysis.

Google Sheet Automation Services

6. Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script allows automation and extension of Google Workspace applications. Clients benefit from its ease of use, seamless integration with Google services, and ability to automate repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflow processes.


Choose us for IT outsourcing and elevate your data analysis and visualization with expert solutions, cost savings. We offer scalable and customized services, letting you focus on your business growth.

Affordable IT Outsourcing services


Reduce overall project costs with Our  IT outsourcing. Gain access to specialized talent without the overhead of full-time hires. Streamline expenses and optimize budget allocation for efficient project execution and enhanced profitability.

Hire Part time Data Analysis Expert


Hire part-time based on project scope with IT outsourcing. Tailor resources to match project needs, optimizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Flexibility ensures the right expertise at the right time, enhancing project outcomes while controlling expenses.

Hire according to your need


With Our IT outsourcing Services, you don't need to maintain a bench of idle resources. Access expertise as needed, saving costs and optimizing resource utilization for efficient project delivery.

Hire Expert with Replacement Guarrente


Hire experts through Our IT outsourcing service with a replacement guarantee. Ensure peace of mind knowing that if a hired professional doesn't meet expectations, they'll be replaced promptly, minimizing disruptions and ensuring project success.

Budget Friendly IT Outsourcing Services


Supercharge your project efficiency with Our  IT outsourcing. Streamline resource allocation and budget management for optimal results. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to seamless project execution. Discover more!"

IT Outsourcing Consulting


Zero upfront commitments with Our IT outsourcing service. Enjoy flexibility without the burden of long-term contracts. Scale resources as needed, minimizing risk and maximizing agility for your projects.

FLEXIBLE ENGAGEMENT MODELS tailored to suit your business needs:

40 Hrs/Month

Essential support for businesses looking to optimize their operations without overwhelming commitments. Perfect for addressing immediate needs and maintaining continuity.

80 Hrs/Month

Comprehensive assistance for accelerating projects and enhancing productivity. Double the resources mean faster development and greater flexibility.

160 Hrs/Month

Dedicated support for high-demand projects and complex requirements. With extended resources and expertise, we ensure timely delivery and exceptional results for your endeavors. 

Why you work with us ?

What makes Lets-viz the ideal choice for data visualization and analysis needs?

Lets-viz stands out for its commitment to delivering customized dashboard solutions that precisely meet our clients’ requirements, coupled with our expertise in data analysis and visualization.

How does Lets-viz differentiate itself from other providers in the field?

Lets-viz differentiate ourselves through our dedication to creating tailored dashboard solutions that provide actionable insights, backed by our deep understanding of data and industry-leading visualization techniques.

Some key benefits of choosing Lets-viz for data visualization projects?

By choosing Lets-viz, clients can expect personalized attention, innovative solutions, and reliable support throughout the project lifecycle, resulting in impactful data-driven decision-making.

What unique value does Lets-viz offer compared to other data visualization providers?

Lets-Viz offers a unique blend of technical expertise, creative design, and strategic insight, allowing us to deliver dashboard solutions that not only look great but also drive meaningful business outcomes.

How does Lets-viz ensure client satisfaction and success with dashboard implementations?

We prioritize client satisfaction by closely collaborating with clients, understanding their needs, and delivering solutions that exceed expectations in terms of functionality, usability, and impact.

What factors should clients consider when choosing a data visualization partner, and how does Lets-viz address these factors?

Clients should consider factors such as expertise, customization capabilities, reliability, and support. Our agency addresses these factors by offering specialized skills, tailored solutions, dependable service, and ongoing assistance.

How does Lets-viz ensure alignment with clients' goals and objectives when developing dashboard solutions?

We start by thoroughly understanding our clients’ goals and objectives, then work collaboratively to design and implement dashboard solutions that directly support these goals and enable informed decision-making.

Helping thousands of data-driven companies to achieve their target Goals

Experience superior data analysis with our custom dashboards. Specializing in all tools and technologies, we turn data into visually compelling, actionable insights

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Established in 2020, Lets Viz Technologies provides a full range of high-quality data analysis and data visualization services. We are also an authorized Zoho Partner.



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