What are the different types of Data Analysis?

Although there can be many types of Data Analysis based on how deep we define this but broadly we can classify then into these 5: 1️⃣Descriptive Analysis: It explains: ‘What is happening in our business?’ It gives us insight about whether everything is going good or not without explaining the root cause. Descriptive Analysis 2️⃣Diagnostic Analysis: It explains: ‘Why it is happening in our business?’ It provides the root cause behind the outcome of Descriptive Analysis. Diagnostic Analysis 3️⃣Predictive Analysis: It explains: What is likely to happen based on past trends?. It uses various statistical and machine learning algorithms to understand the events that has happened already in the past and helps in providing the probability of happening these trends in the future. Predictive Analysis 4️⃣Prescriptive Analysis: It helps to determine the best course of action to choose to bypass of eliminate the future issues based on the results of Predictive Analysis. Prescriptive Analysis 5️⃣Cognitive Analysis: It combines various AL, ML & deep learning techniques to apply human like intelligence to perform a task. Cognitive Analysis What type of data analysis you are doing in your business? Comment and share your thoughts. Follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedin, and Tableau Public to stay updated with our latest blog and what’s new in Tableau.