6 Reasons to Use Power BI for Project Management

Use Power BI for Project Management

These days, every business strategy in a great organization is unthinkable with the use of Business Intelligence practices. Any important decision-making process in an organization is unimaginable without the use of BI reporting, data collection, and analysis. The majority of businesses want to adopt Power BI services for better decision-making and better project management. Project Management and its analytics in any organization play a very important role to safeguard future scenarios and planning ahead for the company. 

These days, without proper management of a certain project, unlike in the past, when companies used to work through basic instruments of analytics, it was very difficult to attain proper deep analytical data and further understand the data and make it into a useful form. 

What’s Inside the article

We will be discussing these points in this article: This will assist you to understand the importance of Power BI for Project Management: 

  • What is Business Intelligence
  • How does BI work for businesses
  • 6 reasons to use Power BI for Project Management

What is Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence or BI is a terminology used under the basics of software and technology, that is used for the collection, storage, and further analysis of data to provide better decision-making scenarios. BI can further enhance the functioning of businesses by identifying data, discovering opportunities, problem identification, and spotting different trends. BI is also helpful in providing strategic actions and further improving outcomes. 

The Bi Software will access different types of data like current transactions, historical records, social media, and third-party databases. BI tools will then fully process this data into better interactive forms like graphs, charts, reports, and dashboards. Users can further explore this data and find solutions to business decisions. 

These BI analytics can be used for different types of domains in a business like sales, marketing, operations, customer services or finance, etc. BI can further provide different scenarios of analysis, diagnostic or prescriptive, or predictive. The BI can further help to redefine business decisions in a better way possible. 

Basically, the Power BI services are an accumulation of different strategies, tools, and apps that are required for mining and the analysis of the data. This can help businesses to take informed business decisions.  

How does Power BI work for businesses?

Depending on the different business structures and processes and the different natures of business projects, BI can be useful in multiple ways. Primarily, The BI provides this account of information that is highly relevant to your business: 

  • Data Collection 
  • Data Organization
  • Summarize the Data 
  • Data Analysis 
  • Data Visualization 

A great BI Structure can provide and help with the other points possible. Without a great Business Intelligence strategy and the Power Bi consulting service they will not provide the full potential and you can’t take leverage of its power. With a well-defined business strategy and then creating a proper BI strategy, then you can fully leverage the Power BI services.

 As a head of Business or handling project management, you should take these questions for the best possible use of BI services: 

  •  Do me and my organization understand a full spectrum of Power BI capabilities? 
  • How can I implement the Power BI services seamlessly into my organization? 
  • For my teams, which BI platform tool is great? 

Business Intelligence Tool that works efficiently and it’s self-service, which can provide great interactive visualizations for businesses. With the power of  

Power BI tools you can visualize the data by scalable, unified platform for better service and other part BI and provide a great data insight. 

Different versions of Power BI 

  • Power BI Service
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Pro
  • Power BI Mobile
  • Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Power BI Embedded

6 reasons to use Power BI for Project Management

Here are the top reasons that you need Power BI Consulting Service to do the best management for your organization 

1. Power BI is a recognized industry leader

When it comes to business software solutions Microsoft is a true pioneer. Microsoft is recognized by Gartner for Business and Analytics intelligence solutions for straight thirteen years. You can take a lot of advantage of the national clouds and powerful data centers according to your requirement. You have the best possible scenario under Microsoft.

2. Rely on the highest security standards

Under the power of Microsoft, you can get the max sensitivity labels for Power BI data. Microsoft Cloud application security can help users to safeguard themselves against privacy concerns and data theft. Further, this cloud app can provide proper data protection and governance. With the use of Power BI and Azure Private Link, your organizational data is protected. You can easily trust your data with Power Bi applications. 

3. Custom project data visualization

Different types of projects require analysis of different data sets and structures. You can also present these data sets in different visuals like pie charts, bar graphs, etc. Power BI already comes with proper pre-designed data structures and graphics for great visualization and easy interaction. You have the option of different graphics like a waterfall, bars, tables, correlation points, matrix, line, and more based on further data involved in this process. You can further customize the data according to your needs.    

4. Quick and simple to connect

With the online cloud solution in Power BI solutions, it’s now much easy to store your data in one single place. You also get access to different types of cloud services like Azure in Azure Data Warehouse, One Drive, DropBox, Google Analytics, and much more for renting, sharing, or storing data. Once connected, you can simply do project creation or analyze the data dashboards, that would compile and do data visualization in one place. You can do customizations according to different project processes. 

5. Use real-time information

You get real-time updates in the Power BI data dashboards. Although the project managers have to undertake different tasks but with the use of Power BI consulting they don’t have to manually update the data. Data streaming will provide the data as soon as it’s uploaded or captured. Now, the project managers and project teams don’t need someone to upload the data and wait for the upload. This can help in better time management and error reduction. 

6. Get data-backed insights

This is the biggest advantage or one of the biggest advantages of Power BI Services is the potential of finding even those insights that are hidden in your data. Analyzing the data does not only mean making an analysis of the given data but finding different and relevant insights from that provided data. This empowers both the experts as well as the beginners for better data interpretation and great visualizations. You check all the details of the data about the project and check all the information and find out the efficiency of the project without taking time to further the information scenario for better business decisions. With just the use of Power BI solutions, you can very simply share all the data-related information at your specified time at any point, and provide them with the proper data insights they need. 


Without the usage of BI reporting, data collecting, and analysis, no significant decision-making process in a company is imaginable. The majority of firms seek to use Power BI offerings to improve project management and decision-making. A great Power BI consulting service will help redefine all your goals to become a great company based on data. 

Now, you know why you need Power BI services to take better data-driven decisions. Let’s Viz is one of the best Power BI consulting Firm that will surely help you with great data-driven decisions and help you in all data needs. Consult us today!