Tableau – Advanced Funnel chart

We have learned how we can create a stepped funnel chart and we know how we can make a funnel chart but in this blog, we will try to create an advanced funnel chart that will be more interesting than the funnel chart. These types of charts are often referred to the advanced charts that are rarely used for visualization.

So for a revision from the previous chart “A Funnel chart is important visualization in business intelligence as it offers a way to represent linear workflows. We can make a stepped or smooth funnel chart to visually represent and understand the progression or workflow of a process.”

Let’s begin with a blog taking a simple example, using which we create the advance funnel chart.

For example: –Create a Funnel chart where we can see using which ship mode we had the maximum profits. For data sources use the Sample superstore dataset.

Follow these steps for creating the visualization.

  • We will drag Ship mode and Profit from data panel and will add it to the columns and rows respectively. Use aggregation SUM() on profit.


  • Swap the rows and columns to make vertical bars to horizontal bars using the swap button and apply the sorting in descending order of profit.

  • Now open the marks card on the left of the sheet and change the mark type from bar to area type.

  • Change the view from standard view to the entire view of the area covered fully by the sheet.

  • Create a calculated field on the measure called ‘Negative Profit’. Right click on the Profit and Click on create for creating a calculated field.

  • In the calculated field, we will enter our formula that would be “–[Profit]” in which we show the negative value of the profit.


  • Add this  ‘Negative Profit’  calculation next to the SUM(Profit) in columns. This will show a funnel-like shape in the sheet.


  • Now we have the funnel chart but we need to finalize the funnel chart. We can change the colors of the negative and positive part distinctively to show the values. Add the “Ship mode” dimension on the text on the Negative mark panel and add the SUM(Profit) on the positive profit mark panel of the Mark card on left.

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