How Much Does a Tableau Consultant Cost?

How much does a Tableau Consultant Cost

What Expertise Should a Great Data Consultant Have?

A Tableau consultant is just a Tableau expert who charges a fee to provide services. They are eager to acquire knowledge, which is extremely crucial because Tableau is constantly receiving improvements to make it more user-friendly as well as effective for data visualization. Top Tableau consultants typically have just a strong background in data analytics, and visual design, but also business knowledge. Here are some of the primary lists of expertise that a tableau consultant must have. 

Platform Knowledge

Great consultants are always better acquainted with the platforms in use along with the nuances that come with them. Secondly, by simply looking at the dashboard, its calculations, as well as the type of data, the Tableau consultant will just be capable of rapidly informing you how to enhance the effectiveness of a dashboard.

The consultant additionally ought to be capable of telling the difference between what’s feasible and what’s not possible just on the platform.

Experience and Knowledge In Data

Although knowing how to unify data sources is not the most important skill, the Tableau consultant must be comfortable working with different data types like float, Boolean, String, Enumerated type, character, date, and others. He could perhaps acknowledge data handling concepts and also be able to see the big picture in sets of data.

Consultants should understand how to try to influence data for analysis in addition to the platforms that will be used for data visualization. This could entail using data preparation platforms or SQL.

Although almost all clients might very well demand that their data is prepared for use in data visualization platforms, only one out of every ten is truly prepared for analysis. To get the most from a data visualization engagement, consultants must always be ready for better decisions on data preparation as well as the data structure.

Skilled In Analytics

Consultants, whether from a tableau professional services should also be analytically smart in order to comprehend the types of analyses that are going to be most relevant as well as how to process data in platforms to accomplish these various kinds of analyses.

A strong consultant, for comparison purposes, might very well rapidly become familiar with manipulating information for performing customer lifetime value, promotional lift, as well as seasonality measurement.

Excellence In Design

A Tableau consultant should be knowledgeable about design concepts and user interface (UI) design. Tableau is an influential data visualization tool, and an effectively constructed dashboard or report could perhaps improve how users understand as well as interact with data substantially.

Consultants from tableau professional services must also make these decisions that employ data visualization design methods that make information available to nearly all users. On the surface, this encompasses the selection of fonts and colors, however, it additionally would include the layout as well as other visual design features.

User Experience Skilled

Good usability consultants should generate wireframes as well as prototypes, interview end users, as well as assist in determining how well the product would be best implemented by these users as part of such a usability experience.

Perhaps a highly engaging dashboard is necessary, other times an automated slide deck, and yet still other times a table or exploratory data extract might very well be enough.

Project Management Expertise

To build things, great consultants must go above and beyond their skills. They must be able to plan a project from start to finish, create a timeline, identify and mitigate potential risks, and communicate with various stakeholders throughout the engagement — all while delivering the data visualization product.

Skilled consultants could very well typically develop a process for discussing project timelines, budget, scope, and roadblocks on a regular basis.

Domain Expertise

You may desire that they be intimately acquainted with your industry. It may be industry-specific, including healthcare or finance, or data-specific, such as having to work with HL7, streaming IoT data, or Nielsen data. This might be tailored towards the type of business unit those who are encouraging, such as accounting as well as brand management.

Communication Skills

A data visualization consultant must really be able to work with domain experts, data experts, end-users, and leadership, each of whom has different communication styles.

Setting boundaries with data owners will indeed be different from managing expectations with stakeholders. Expert consultants from tableau professional services will utilize a defined methodology for working with every one of these groups as well as leading change management in the context.

What Type of Engagement Do You Need?

Part-Time or Full-Time

With their projects, most clients don’t require full-time assistance. This might be the scenario because the job won’t be particularly lengthy or simply because the client assumes the project won’t be necessary for a considerable amount of time and effort.

Most often, usually takes three to four weeks for such a project to move from the first idea to the completed dashboard. You would have to have data that has been satisfactorily formatted for analysis, or at the very least, a clear grasp of the underlying data sources, to accomplish this. 

Moreover, it calls for a project and change management professional, a data professional, as well as a dashboard developer.

Staff Augmentation or Project-Based

In a staff augmentation scenario, you’re seeking an individual who can enhance the team’s capabilities without giving them any specified responsibilities. This might involve accomplishing several projects simultaneously.

Whenever your project requires specific deliverables, you must search for a more specialist consultant, who would also normally charge a little more than somebody who essentially facilitates staff augmentation.

A Dashboard, a Deck, a Planning Tool, or Something Else?

Buyers should really be aware of the precise type of data visualization or business intelligent product they are aiming to build because the price might be an important consideration in the choice of a data visualization consultant. Also, they must be certain that they are seeking a platform-based solution as opposed to a customized application.

This object appears to be an interface at first glance, but there are actually many products based on these platforms. For executive teams or sales teams who need to have a physical presence in a particular area, the slide deck could also be automated. It might even be sophisticated scenario-planning software that makes use of machine learning methods.

However many options you choose, take into account that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of choosing an advisor simply on the basis of their technological prowess, consider the product that is being developed.

What Type of Consultant Should You Hire?


There is a wide range in the cost as well as expertise of independent consultants. Even looking at items in a consultant’s portfolio sometimes poses a challenge for you, the buyer, to fully appreciate their technological expertise. Many of these independent contractors will be part-time consultants who may work on multiple projects in one go.

Staffing Consultant

A few more organizations only require someone to join them in a long-term capacity instead of becoming full-time employees. These people act as though they are additional team members.

Off-Shore or On-Shore

Highly technical personnel are frequently related to reduced cost rates for offshore consultants. Whenever a business has talented off-shore developers plus strong on-shore communicators, off-shore projects frequently succeed. When overseeing a sizable number of projects or assignments for a single client, this seems to be especially beneficial.

The biggest issue with using off-shore consultants is that because they create according to specifications, you will always receive what you ask for. This implies that you must be quite clear about your goals. The precise charts, design, and even how you want the computations to alter from month to month or year to year, have to all be known.

So, How Much Does a Tableau Consultant Cost?

We must assume that “It depends” before wondering about what it might cost to hire a Tableau consultant. It varies on the project’s size, the level of expertise involved, the amount of time available, how difficult the project is, as well as other factors.

A good consultant will bring a range of abilities to the project and is ready to meet you with your company in its current state so they can collaborate with you to advance your analytics. This is true regardless of whether you’re only thinking about the output whenever you employ a Tableau consultant from a tableau professional services.