Tableau – Setup Guide

Here, we will learn how we can set up a tableau on the desktop.

The following steps and screenshots describe the entire setup process for Tableau Products

  1. Go to the setup link – using any web browser.

In the ‘Products’, we are having different options, So per the need, we can click on the product that we want.

2. Select Tableau Desktop from the products and click on ‘Start free trial.

Fill out the prerequisites for downloading the Tableau desktop. Tableau gives a 14-day trial for the new user, and if has a Product key for Tableau then it will work as per the plan.

3. Upon completion of the downloading process and agreement, we will have a dialog box to choose the plan we want for working on the tableau.


If you are a new user and don’t have a product key, then can have a free trial of 14 days. But the user that is registered has a product key and can continue with the last option.

5. If we select the  ‘Start free trial’ then we will have our tableau desktop ready with all the features available for 14 days.

Now we are ready to use Tableau !!


Alternatively, you can also download Tableau Public which is free to use. The process to download and install is the same. The saved workbooks can be saved on your Tableau Public profile and can use up to 10GB of space. This is a very powerful way to showcase the skills while we learn Tableau.  


Check out other useful charts below:

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