How to Use Formula in Zoho Analytics to Analyze Data

Formula in Zoho Analytics to Analyze Data

Creating new business measures from your data using the robust formula in Zoho Analytics is handy. This enables one to carry out intricate analysis and extract the necessary knowledge from data set.

Categories of Formula in Zoho Analytics

There are 3 types of formulas that you can use to define formulas:

1. Formula Column

Zoho Analytics allows designing own complex formulas to satisfy specific reporting requirements. This makes it straightforward to carry out operations varying from addition and subtraction to complex combinations of built-in functions.

This Formula is used to add a column with the main data source at the Zoho analytics level. As it’s added as a column with a data source it does not support the use of dynamic column switching. It’s Similar to how would use other table columns, you can create reports using these formula columns.

2. Aggregate Formula

Whereas the aggregate formula is used to create a dynamic column out of the data source. In Zoho Analytics, aggregate formulae are defined as formulas that use at least one aggregate function (SUM, AVG, etc.) in the calculation.

Such calculations always result in a numerical value (metric). Powerful reports are typically created using aggregate algorithms. These formulas can be used in Zoho Analytics’ Charts, Pivot Tables, and Summary View report types.

3. Report Formula

A report formula is a formula column specific to a particular report. It differs from Formula Column and Aggregate Formula which are based over a table (which are then available for creating any report on top of the table). Report Formula is specific to one chart report which allows to use the basic arithmetic operators such as +, -, *, and / over the columns dropped in the Data shelf of the report. The report formula will be added as a metric in the report.

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