Tableau – Dimension Filter

As we know Dimensions are the fields that are not aggregated but we can distinguish values from these fields. So the filters that are chosen from these fields are called dimension filters.  To apply the dimension filter, drag a dimension from the list of dimensions from the data plane to the filter pane or right-click on a particular dimension and select ‘Show Filter’.

Let’s see how can we create a Dimension filter. (Using Sample Superstore)

  • Connect to Sample Superstore in Tableau.
  • Click on Sheet 1 and Create a Simple visualization (Here we have Sales of products).

  • From the Dimension field, we will drag a field to the filter pane. (Here we will have Region as our Dimension Filter)

  • Here as we added the dimension filter, the filter provided four options, General, Wildcard, Condition, and Top. We can pick up any of the four options to select the right data or exclude the data. We can create our formula in the Condition option.

As we click on ‘OK’ the field will the added as Dimension Filter.

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