SQL IGNORE Statement

Duplicacy can be attained when inserting many records into the database. Adding a Primary key constraint to a column restricts the insertion of duplicate values. This action gives an error message in the console and can interrupt the operation flow. The IGNORE statement in SQL works the same way but does not interrupt the flow of operation. It just generates only a warning message if any duplicate values get added.

  • Syntax to IGNORE Statement – 

INSERT IGNORE INTO table_name (column1,column2,....,columnN)
VALUES (value1,value2,....,value3);


Demo Table –

Science_Students Table

Student_id Student_name Address Phone_number Age Grade
1 Simon Chicago 5687466 18 A+
2 Alvin Mexico 6321478 19 A+
3 Theo Paris 3362473 18 B
4 Brittany Newyork 6632147 19 C
5 Jenette Chicago 9211627 16 A+
6 Jerry Beverly Hills 3652877 18 F

Example – In this Demo table, we have “Student_id” as the Primary key. Try to insert a duplicate value to the “Student_id” and use SQL IGNORE Statement to see the result.

INSERT IGNORE INTO Science_Students (Student_id, Student_name,Address, Phone_number , Age,Grade ) VALUES(1, 'Simon', 'Chicago' , '5687466' , 18 , 'A+');

  • This value won’t be inserted in the table because “Student_id = 1” has been inserted in the table and inserting it again violates the primary key constraints.

The output after implementing the above IGNORE Statement

No entry inserted.


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