How to Use Zoho Analytics User Filter in Reports

In this blog, we will talk about Zoho Analytics User Filter. Zoho Analytics provides two options for applying criteria through the filter. one is a normal Filter that works at the chart level and the other one is User Filter at the chart and dashboard level which gives the user to choose the criteria.

Most BI tools don’t have a separate option calling User filter for Chart and dashboard level it needs to understand how to use user filter for Zoho.

How is Zoho Analytics User Filter different from Filter

Columns Criteria that are applied through Filters are static. Based on the selection of Developer the Report shows the desired result. and This is not controllable by users. On the Other hand User Filter selected column may or may not consist of a default value by the developer. But Users have full access to change the criteria value.

Embedded Report with User Filter

Edit the User Filter

To Edit the user filter simply hover on user filter added column and click on the pen icon. This will open Edit window. In the Edit window you set a default value for the user filter. Set the type of value you want to show Like for Date did you want provide option of select range or Option of Year, Quarter Value.

Dashboard User Filter

In Zoho Analytics we have an option to apply different user filter for Charts and dashboards. In Dashboards Zoho have fixed panel in the top where we will be adding all user filters. Which are applicable for all the charts even charts don’t have the columns in their filter. It’s more like Dashboard filter will work for all charts using same data source. But we have option to deselect particular chart from a User filter. On Edit Design of Dashboard  go to options of the particular chart. Click Customize and deselect unnecessary filter. Also in the dashboard for a chart we can show chart level user filters too for the particular do so Select Show Report Specific User Filter in options window.

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