How to embed Zoho Reports in your website

In this blog, we are going to discuss How to Embed Zoho Reports in Website. If you have created your reports on Zoho analytics you can easily embed them in your website in 3 simple steps.

Steps to Embed Zoho Reports

The process for embedding your charts or Table Reports and Dashboard reports is the same. Zoho Analytics has 2 windows for reports switch to the “Report View” Window and follow the below steps.

1. Share Report

In the Zoho Analytics report View window top bar, you have the share button. Zoho analytics have a no of share option to support. 

  • You can share the view with your team.
  • You can share by Email.
  • Or you can Share through Embed or URL/Permalink.

Share through URL/Permalink allows you to directly share by a link, whereas the Embed option will give you a pre-generated HTML code to add to your website.

2. Embed or URL/Permalink

For our needs, we select the share option of Embed the report. the Access permission window offers the security level of your share. So you can choose to share by login, with only a standard password or you can Open share for all. You also have the option to set your embed report screen size width and height. and what type of options you want to include. Ask Zia is an AI by Zoho that helps your report viewer to get insights automatically by their choice.

3. Specify URL Criteria

As your report is directly accessed from your site you may want to specify some particular criteria for some particular audience. Like you may want to show different reports to your viewers for a particular region. Zoho Analytics gives you to put URL criteria for your both Embed and URL/Permalink share report options. these criteria are the same as SQL where clause condition.

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