Exclude The Value

In this blog we will discuss how we can exclude the zero’s in the values in Tableau. We can probably exclude the zero values but it will be difficult if there are millions of data values presented in the dashboard and more over if the connection is live then the data would get updated every single time so this procedure can cause a problem . So to get a permanent solution we can have create a calculated field to exclude any value.

In the calculation, just use IIF function where it says if the value matches the condition then one value get returned . So if suppose we want only those profit which are greater then 0 then it will return ‘true’ so we can filter a particular value set .

For example: – We want only those quantities from the sample superstore dataset which are greater than 0.

  •  Go the analysis option on the top pane of the workbook.
  • Choose to create calculated field from the menu.
  •  Name the field as desired
  •  Write the calculation in the calculated field as shown,

IIF ([Quantity]=0, ‘Exclude’, ‘Include’)


  •  Drag the created calculation to the Filter shelf on the left pane and choose ‘Exclude’ as the option.
  • Click Ok.

So we can have this above calculation to exclude the zero’s. Now we have created a calculated field and we can drag it to the filter shelf and can choose which field we want to get whether it is exclude or include. Hope that this blog helped the viewers in understanding the how we can exclude the zero using a calculated field.

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