Different Data Types in Tableau

In Tableau, we have lots of data, and as the data is imported tableau assigns data types to every data present in the data set. All data is categorized in some sort of data type. But when the data type is assigned, it is up to the user if it wants to change the data type of the data. We can change the data type of a field in Tableau whenever required. 

Tableau has a set of different datatypes that are considered as its main datatype which classifies the data in a particular datatype.  Below are the majorly used six data types in Tableau.

  1. String Value
  2. Integer / Float Value
  3. Date Value
  4. Date & Time Value
  5. Boolean Value
  6. Geographic Value

Let’s discuss them thoroughly in this article.

1. String Value: –

The collection or sequence of characters or zeros comes into the category of strings. The values are either enclosed in a single quote or double quotes. For example – “Let’s-viz”. String values can be categorized into two values CHAR or VARCHAR.

  • Char String Value:- These string values stores alphanumeric values that have a fixed length that is mentioned while creating the field. If a string is added more than the length value, then the string will be automatically reduced to the given length or it can return an error.
  • Varchar String Value:- These string values also store alphanumeric values but have variable lengths while creating the field. So if a string is added more than the length value, then the string won’t face any error or restriction.
2. Integer/ Float Value:-

These values stores those value that is either integer or float value. When float data is entered it is preferred to reduce it to integer value as the preference for integer values is more than floating values. A round() function is present in Tableau for the round of floating values to integers. It is easy to accumulate integer values.

3. Date value:-

In these datatypes,  all forms or formats of date like yyyy-mm-dd, dd-mm-yy, or mm-dd-yyyy are stored.

4. Date & Time value:-

These data types are quite similar to date data types, but if any date has time added too then those types of fields are stored in these datatypes where the date has minutes, seconds, and hours in any format.

5. Boolean Value:-

These values are logical data types. The values in these data types are either True or false. When the calculations are unknown in these values then the results are Null.

6. Geographic Value:-

The values that are used to create any maps come under these geographic values. The value such as country name, state, city, postal code, longitude, etc. comes into Geographic value.

Icons Situated to these datatypes are as follows:-

Check out other useful Tableau charts below:

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